SSO App login

The SSO App login screen allows access to each registered SSO App.

1. App list

A list of SSO Apps available to the logged-in member is displayed.
Click on a tile to display that service in a new tab (or new window).

The SSO App list switches display according to the SSO App allocation status of the logged-in member.
 If the SSO App that the member wants to use is not displayed, please check the following:
 - Status of “Member assignment” and “Group assignment” on the SSO App Settings screen
 - Status of member and group assignments (for group assignments)

Depending on the SSO App registration, the behavior when clicking on a tile may differ.
 For details, please refer to the IdP-Initiated Settings section of the SSO App Settings.

2. App list filter

From the App list, it is possible to filter the apps by keyword.