YubiOn Portal

YubiOn Portal is a cloud service that adds two-factor authentication to the PC you are using.

It uses YubiKey 5 series released by Yubico to realize two-factor authentication with “Password + YubiKey”.

Logon Screen Example (Requires YubiKey Touch, in addition to Password)

The system can be used immediately without having to set up an authentication server, etc., and can be used by administrators for integrated management and log collection, etc.

YubiOn Portal Configuration Guide explains how to add two-factor authentication to a PC by using YubiOn Portal.

Let’s set up two-factor authentication on your PC by referring to the simple setup procedure.

To install the Windows logon tool, you must have administrator privileges on the target PC.

YubiOn Portal and two-factor authentication services use YubiKey.
Please prepare an available YubiKey in advance.