Use member properties

This section covers how to register, edit, and delete member properties used with user IDs and attributes passed to service providers.

What is a member property?
The member property is a mechanism through which the YubiOn Portal stores the information required for each member on the service provider side and provides it when required.
The names, member IDs, and e-mail addresses maintained by YubiOn Portal can be provided to the service provider as they are, but if the service provider requires other information, the information must be individually set up for each member.
The configured member properties are provided to the service provider in the attribute settings of the SSO App settings.

Examples of information not managed by YubiOn Portal and requested by service providers include.
- Last name only
- First name only
- Nickname
- Group information and authorization information on the service provider side
Please check each service provider’s manual for information on what information is required on their end.

This section explains how to prepare to use member properties (registering, editing, and deleting member properties).
To set values for each member in the registered member properties, please refer to “set member properties for each member”.
If you want to set values in a batch, please refer to “check and set member properties in CSV at once”.

1. Access the Member property settings screen

Click on the “SSO property settings” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

2. Perform various operations

Click on the “Property registration” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  1. Register Member properties
    To register a member property, click on the “Property registration” button in the upper right corner of the screen to open the registration screen.
  2. Edit Member Properties
    To edit a member property, click on the “Edit” icon for each property item to open the edit screen.

    When a member property key is changed, the property key set as “property” in the user ID value setting and attribute value setting is automatically replaced by the new property key.
    The property keys specified in “Custom Format” are not changed and must be rewritten separately if necessary.

    The member property values specified for each member are reassigned to the new property key following the changes to the property key.

  3. Delete member property
    To delete a member property, click on the “Delete” icon for each property item.

    When a member property is deleted, the value of the member property set for each member is also deleted.
    Please note that re-creating a member property with the same name will not restore it.

3. Setting items

1. Property key
It is a name to identify the property. Only alphanumeric characters, “-” and “_” can be used. (Initials must be alphanumeric characters only.)
2. Remarks
This field describes the contents of the property, etc. It can be omitted.