Customer information

You can edit your customer information, check your license information, and cancel your membership.

1. Representative’s information

The name and e-mail address of the representative will be displayed.

2. Change of Representative

You can change the customer representative.

For more information on Change of Representative, please click here.

3. Company information

The following organization information is displayed. You can also make edits.

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Tel
  • Department

4. License information

License information will be displayed.

  • License type : Free license / Paid license
  • Current Plan : Free/Standard/Premium/Custom
  • Plan expiration date and time *Only displayed for paid licenses.

5. Unsubscribe the YubiOn Portal

Unsubscribe the membership of YubiOn Portal.

For more information on Unsubscribe the YubiOn Portal, please click here.