YubiKey management

On the YubiKey management screen, it is available to register, edit, delete, enable and disable YubiKeys.

YubiKey management screen is only be accessed by members who have YubiKey Manager privileges.

1. YubiKey registration

It is available to register a YubiKey.

Please use YubiKey without changing the settings
You may not be able to use a YubiKey that you have changed your own settings.

For more information on YubiKey registration, please click here.

2. YubiKey edit

It is available to change the name of YubiKey.

For more information on editing YubiKey, please click here.

3. YubiKey deletion

It is available to delete the YubiKey.

For more information on YubiKey deletion, please click here.

4. Enable or disable YubiKey

It is available to enable or disable YubiKey.

・You will not be able to log in to the YubiOn Portal site or log on to your PC using the disabled YubiKey.

For more information on enable or disable YubiKey, please click here.