Represents an organizational unit in the YubiOn Portal.

The service cannot be used across multiple customers.


It refers to representative of the organization in the YubiOn Portal.
The first person who registers for YubiOn Portal will be the representative of your organization. Only one person from the organization can be assigned this role.

The representative will have a special role in the following:

  • The representative possesses the privileges of all roles on the YubiOn Portal.
  • They can perform functions such as “Edit Customer Information”, “Change representative” and “Unsubscribe procedure from YubiOn Portal”.
  • The representative will serve as the point of contact between your organization and our company.

The representative’s role cannot be deleted or changed.
If for some reason, the current representative is no longer able to manage the YubiOn Portal, please ensure that the representative’s account is assigned to another member.


It refers to the user of the YubiOn Portal.


It refers to the administrative privileges available on the YubiOn Portal. For more information regarding the types of roles available, please click here.