This means the unit of organization in YubiOn Portal.

You cannot use the service across multiple customers.


This means the representative of the organization in YubiOn Portal.
The first person who registers on YubiOn Portal will be the representative of your organization, and only one person in your organization can be assigned.

The representative will have a special role in the following

  • The representative owns all roles on the YubiOn Portal.
  • It is available to “Edit Customer Information”, “Change representative” and “Unsubscribe procedure from YubiOn Portal”.
  • A representative will be the contact person for our company.

It is impossible to delete a representative or change a representative’s role.
Please be sure to change the representative if you are not able to manage on YubiOn Portal due to the convenience of the representative.


This means the user of YubiOn Portal.


This means the administrative privileges in YubiOn Portal. For more information on the types of rolls, please click here.