Offline Logon Settings

You must register for the paid version to set a cache logon expiration date longer than 1 day.

Access the Service Settings screen

  1. Click the “PC” icon in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click “Service Settings”.


By setting an expiration date for offline authentication, users can log on offline for a specified number of days after the last successful PC logon. If you disable this setting, you will not be able to log on in an environment that is not connected to a network connection.

  1. Click the "Enable" radio button.
  2. Input the expiration date.
  3. Example of setting the cache logon expiration date to 7 days

    If you use it for free, you can only set it up for 1 day.
  4. Click "Update" button.

About offline authentication
・To enable offline authentication, the PC must be successfully authenticated online once.
・Each time the PC is successfully logged in, the offline authentication period is updated.
 e.g. If the offline expiration date is set to 3 days.
   If the PC is successfully logged on on April 1st, offline authentication will be enabled from April 1st to April 3rd.
   If the PC is successfully logged on during the above period, it is effective for an additional 3 days from the date of successful authentication.
・Please contact your administrator for the offline expiration date.

Reflection of settings on the PC
The settings are reflected when the PC is connected to the network and starts up.

YubiKey offline settings are required to use the cache logon function.