Glossary of payment-related terms

This page summarizes terms related to the payment function of YubiOn Portal.

Term Explanation
Stripe is an online payment processing service that has been adopted by millions of companies worldwide. Stripe is a certified PCI Level 1 service provider and meets high security requirements. YubiOn Portal uses the built-in payment system recommended by Stripe, and all of the customer's card information, etc., is maintained by Stripe.
Payment account This account is used to link with Stripe.
Payment authority member

A member with payment authority within YubiOn Portal. You will have access to the YubiOn Portal automated payment management screen and will be able to perform the following tasks

  • Change or Cancellation of Plans
  • Change the number of licenses
  • View and change payment information (card information and billing address)
  • Check invoices and receipts
  • Change Payment authority member

Only one person can be assigned within a customer, but that member must have the role of administrator. The representative is authorized at the time of YubiOn Portal registration.

YubiOn Portal limits the maximum number of "Number of members", "Number of YubiKeys", and "Number of PCs" registered by the number of licenses. When purchasing a paid plan, please purchase as many licenses as you will use.
The number of licenses available for purchase is up to 10,000 licenses. To purchase more than 10,000 licenses, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Example) If 10 licenses are purchased
  • Number of members: 10
  • Number of YubiKeys: 10
  • Number of PCs: 10
Custom plan This plan is for customers contracted through direct transactions.