Setup (Windows)

Administrator privileges for YubiOn Portal are required to make the following settings.
Set up the PC while it is connected to the network.

  1. Start from the start menu.
  2. Skip this step if you already have the client tool running.
  3. In the "Email Address" and "Password" fields, input the "Email Address" and "Password" that you have registered with YubiOn Portal.
  4. Plug the YubiKey registered in YubiOn Portal into the USB port.
  5. Select the "OTP" field and tap on YubiKey to input your one-time password.
  6. After inputting the information, the setting screen will appear.
  7. Click "Assign accounts and authenticators" in the configuration tool you just launched.
  8. Click "Register" button.
  9. Select "Account", "Member" and " Authenticator" and click the "OK" button.
  10. About the display name of YubiKey
    The name of the YubiKey displayed in “Authenticator to use” is the public ID of the YubiKey (the first 12 characters of the one-time password) by default.

  11. Click the "OK" button on the Setup Complete pop-up.
  12. Click "Eixt" to close the configuration tool.

When set up by a general account
YubiKey assignments can also be made by non-administrators. In this case, the connection between the Windows account you are currently logged into and the YubiKey you used to log in to the client tool is immediately complete. Non-administrative members cannot be assigned a specific account and YubiKey.

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