Log management

It allows managing of PC logs from the YubiOn Portal’s management screen.

The log is stored for one year.

1. Access Log management

Click the “PC” icon in the menu on the left side of the screen, then click “Log management”.

2. Search log

Enter the log search period and PC name, then click on the “Search” button.

About search
・The log search period is a required item.
・The PC name is not required to be entered. If you search with no input, the log of all PCs will be displayed.

About the filter
・You can apply filters by entering the PC name.
・If the PC name is not known, the PC can be identified using the member name.

1. Input the log search period
2. Click on the “Filter” button
3. Select the member from the list of members
4. Select the PC from the PC list
5. Click the “Search” button

3. Check log details

Click on the “View Log” button from the log list.

The log detail screen is displayed.

Date: The log creation date is displayed.
Account: The account you operated on will be displayed. (Some operations, such as logging off, will not be displayed.)
YubiKey: The public ID of the YubiKey you used at logon will be displayed.
Serial No.: The serial number of the YubiKey you used at logon will be displayed. If the OTP setting of YubiKey is changed from the Yubico factory default, the output may not be correct.
location information: Clicking the “Map” icon will display the location information. (Only if it can be acquired.)
     Location information may not be accurate.
     To get location information, you need to enable location information in Windows settings.
IP address: The IP address is displayed. (Only if it can be acquired.)

Information level
Warning It signifies that there is a problem of some kind..
In It represents PC logon and screen unlock.
Out It represents PC logoff and screen lock.
Info It represents standard operation information.
Unknown It signifies an unintended behavior of the program.

Operation content Account YubiKey
ServiceStarted Start of service - -
ServiceStopped end of service - -
Suspend PC Suspension - -
Resume PC Resumption - -
Logon Windows log on Account name -
Logoff Windows log off Account name -
Lock Screen lock Account name -
Unlock Screen unlock Account name -
OtpauthSucceeded OTP authentication success Account name Public ID
OtpAuthFailed OTP authentication failure Account name -
ChallengeResponseAuthSucceeded Challenge Response Authentication Success Account name Public ID
ChallengeResponseAuthFailed Challenge response authentication failure Account name -
EmergencyLogonSucceeded Emergency logon successful Account name -
AuthFailed Authentication failure Account name -
YubikeyMounted Plug the YubiKey into USB Account name -
YubikeyUnmounted Unplugging a YubiKey from USB Account name -
InvalidOperation Malpractice - -
FailureLock PC lock - -
Unknown Unknown - -

4. Downloading the PC log

Click “Download” button from the log list.

The log will be downloaded.