How to use Windows logon using YubiKey

For information about the YubiKeys available for the Windows logon service, please refer to Before started.

Explains how to use two-factor authentication using YubiKey.

1. Boot the PC.

Boot the PC and display the logon screen.
Make sure that “YubiOn®Wls CredentialProvider” is displayed.

If you don’t see “YubiOn®Wls CredentialProvider”, click on the “sign-in option” and then click on the “YubiOn” icon.

2. Plug in the YubiKey

Plug the YubiKey into the USB port.
Make sure that the metal part in the center lights up.

3. Input password

Input your Windows password in the input field.

4. Input YubiKey

After inputting the password, tap on the metal part of the YubiKey.

5. Authentication

After inputting YubiKey, if “Windows password” and “One-time password of YubiKey” are correct, the logon will be successful.

About offline authentication
・To enable offline authentication, the PC must be successfully authenticated online once.
・Each time the PC is successfully logged in, the offline authentication period is updated.
 e.g. If the offline expiration date is set to 3 days.
   If the PC is successfully logged on on April 1st, offline authentication will be enabled from April 1st to April 3rd.
   If the PC is successfully logged on during the above period, it is effective for an additional 3 days from the date of successful authentication.
・Please contact your administrator for the offline expiration date.