Change plan

After purchasing a paid plan, it is possible to change the plan you are using.

Changes can be made during the trial period while the trial period continues.
After the trial ends, payment will be based on the changed plan and number of licenses.
The fee for the change will be calculated and billed on the next payment date.

Change plan

1. Access the Service plan settings screen

2. Click on the “Change plan” button

*You must be on a paid plan.

3. Select desired plan and number of licenses

Please select your preferred plan.
*Conversion to the Free plan is not possible.

If you also wish to change the number of licenses, please change the number of licenses.
*Currently, the number cannot be changed below the number of registered members, YubiKeys, or PCs.

When the plan is changed, the “Confirmation” button becomes active.

4. Click the “Confirmation” button

5. Click on the “Execute plan change” button

Please make sure that the settings are correct and click the “Execute plan change” button.

Click “OK” on the confirmation message.

Plan reflection

After purchasing a plan, you will need to re-login to reflect the plan contents.
Please note that it may take some time to reflect the change.

Upon completion of the plan change process, a change completion email will be sent.

That’s all for changing plan.