YubiOn Portal Guide


You can see YubiOn Portal's service description, implementation flow, and operating environment.

Simple setup procedure

This is a simple procedure for YubiOn Portal registrants to start using two-factor authentication of the PC. First of all, it is for those who want to try out the functions of YubiOn Portal.

YubiOn Portal Implementation

You can see the implementation steps of YubiOn Portal.

Function comparison

You can compare the features available on a free plan or a paid plan.


You can see how to use automatic payment.

YubiKey offline settings

You can see how to configure YubiKey to use offline authentication.

User's manual

You can check the software usage for end users.

Screen description

You can see a description of each administration screen of the YubiOn Portal site.

Windows PC Set Up

You can see how to set up your Windows PC and more.

Mac Set Up

You can see how to set up your Mac and more.

Operation list

You can see detailed operation procedures for each screen.

How to reset the password

You can see how to reset your login password to YubiOn Portal.

How to change the representative

You can see how to change the " Organizational Representative in YubiOn Portal" to another member.

SSO(Single Sign-On)

You can see how to use option "SSO (Single Sign-On)".


You can see the terms used in YubiOn Portal.

How to unsubscribe YubiOn Portal

You can see how to unsubscribe from YubiOn Portal.