YubiKey registration

YubiOn Portal realizes two-factor authentication using “YubiKey” in addition to ID/Password.
In order for members of your organization to use two-factor authentication using a YubiKey, you must first assign a YubiKey.

Assign a YubiKey

Set up a YubiKey for a member from the admin screen.

  1. Click “Member Management” from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click the member you want to assign a YubiKey to from the “Member List “.
  3. Click the “Assign YubiKey” button.
  4. Select the input field and plug the YubiKey you want to assign to the member into the USB port.
  5. Tap YubiKey and enter the one-time password for YubiKey.
  6. When the assignment is complete, the assigned YubiKey will be displayed in the YubiKey list.

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